Getaways in Ireland

Ireland is a sublime countryside, Ireland is history in stone, Ireland is windswept beauty, Ireland is ancient rocks and great legends, Ireland is a world built of words,
Ireland is a journey into the imagination .

Lonely Planet

I work in Tourism at the moment and I love chatting to all the people that visit! I like to hear their stories, where they are from, where they are going to, be it an Irish native from down the road or someone from further a field. From working in this sector, I have a good understanding of what people expect when they go on holidays. You want to receive a great service for what you pay for, you want to meet kind and helpful people along your travels, you want to be able to get help if you find yourself stuck or in trouble, make memories, enjoy the different cultures and have an amazing trip!

Some people want to visit the Emerald Isle and see it in all its glory in a couple of days. Others arrive with no plans other then to immerse themselves in the Irish culture and to see where to road takes them.

People get stuck on the word ‘Holiday’ thinking that a holiday has to be abroad, in the sun or at the beach, to somewhere you aren’t used to, to have an enjoyable time but that doesn’t mean you have to get on a plane to do it!

I personally, think that Ireland is a slice of brilliance and the amount of places to see and activities to experience is limitless, if you just say YES!

I always give my tips/opinions to people that I meet at work. So I thought I would put them down here too! Grab some friends/family, pack a bag, take a drive and I am sure you can have some fun, Ireland might just surprise you 😉

So, I will post getaways that I have done around Ireland and I hope you like them! Who knows you might even want to take a few sneaky nights away even if it is ‘just down the road’ or this may help you in planning your visit to Ireland!

Howth, Dublin!

Hi Everyone! I am back chatting about another Irish location that I think everyone in Ireland should visit, be it for a few hours or stay for a weekend. From stepping out of the car in Howth in County Dublin, that holiday feeling and the feeling of relaxation completely takes over as you no longer … Continue reading Howth, Dublin!


County Cork, there is so much to do here! Maybe I am biased as I have family from Cork but I just love the city. If you are looking for a girly weekend full of shopping, a partying weekend, a relaxing weekend or even a place to use as a starting point, then the city … Continue reading Cork

Northern Ireland

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to my website and today we are heading to Northern Ireland to explore the great city of Belfast and Antrim. Belfast is the capital city in Northern Ireland and it is the largest city in Northern Ireland. I love this city after visiting, it has so much charm, history and character … Continue reading Northern Ireland


County Kerry is also known as the ‘Kingdom’ in Ireland and Kerry showcases so many ways to prove this to each and every visitor. Weather you like a hiking holiday, a water based holiday, a shopping holiday, a girls/boys trip, outdoor or indoor holidays? Kerry has something to provide for everyone! Although I have yet … Continue reading Kerry

Clare Part 1

Happy Easter Everyone! So for today’s post, I said I’d focus on putting together a few destinations in County Clare; some free of charge, some for history, some different and unusual places. Somewhere to suit everyone weather you are from Clare, want to visit Clare for a getaway or holidaying in Ireland. I am concentrating … Continue reading Clare Part 1

Clare Part 2

So it’s the last weekend of the Easter holidays and also the last weekend of April… How is April nearly over??? Does anybody else feel like the year is running away from them? All the more reason to make the most of your time off school/work whatever it may be. Today I am taking you … Continue reading Clare Part 2


It is that time again, time for a ROADTRIP! What better location to head to then the beautiful Connemara. Connemara is the stripped back version of Ireland where you will be left with a longing feeling to return. It was a lovely sunny day and we decided that we would take a drive around Connemara … Continue reading Connemara

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