Free Attraction in London

So I have spoken about paid attractions in London but with this you can have an amazing trip to London without splurging your money of admission fees. London, as opposed to Irish towns have events happening every day/night. Here are some ideas for you;

  • Camden!
    • Camden is a retro, punk, hipster part of London that is completely different to the inner city. It stands out for its identity and it is in your face! There is so much to look at around Camden. The decor of the buildings, the street entertainment was like no other and of course the markets offer something for anyone. So get your haggling ready and grab yourself some amazing bargains. Enter the food hall and chose your pick from rows of cuisines. You could spend hours wandering around Camden Town and the markets!
  • Notthing Hill!
    • Notting Hill is the complete opposite to Camden. Notting hill is peaceful, quaint, colorful and full of charm. I personally fell in love with Notting Hill and was quickly picturing myself living in a colorful townhouse.. I wish! From eco friendly shops, bubble drink cafes, eccentric fashion stores and vinatge shops I feel Notting Hill was oozing something different to draw you in at each corner! Along with this there is a huge market… I do not think I have ever seen such a big market in my life! The Portobello Markets is something that cannot be missed. There is a vintage section, designer section, old camera section, household.. you name it, it was there! Then you get to the food section and similar to Camden Markets, whatever you fancy I am sure you will find it!
  • Hyde Park: Is a major park located in central London. What a way to spend an evening without having to spend a penny. Get your camera ready and take a stroll around the Rose Gardens, follow Princess Diana memorial trial, bring a picnic and a blanket and enjoy what Hyde Park has to offer!
  • Buckingham Palace: This has to be seen when you visit London. There is a Gaurd change over at 10:45am and this is very interesting to see. It is a huge production with several elements. Get here early so you can get a good viewing point as there are big crowds for this!
  • Marble Arch: Stroll around this area of London and you will see these 19th white marble features, if you like looking at architecture then head to this area.
  • Southbank: Is a really cool area of London located along the banks of the
    Thames. This has a youthful feel about it, there are many different outdoor restaurants, cocktails bars, a skate park and rooftop terraces. Have a walk around here to experience another side of London away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Shopping Streets: Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street (Soho) are all areas that boosts atmosphere, live entertainment and great buskers. Its free to walk around you can resist the urge to shop…. something I could never do!!
  • Big Ben, outdoor movies are also things that are free of charge while visiting London. Again, Timeout is a great website that is updated regularly with information on all things London!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it shows that you can still do so much in London without spending anything! If you have any questions, do not forget to ask!

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