Looking for a girly weekend away or a typical ‘lads’ holiday, a location that offers a bit of everything? From castles, to snow covered mountains, to wax museums, to hiring a supercar and much more, than the capital of Czech Republic the city of Prague, should be on your list for your next getaway.

I went to Prague in January and the weather was very cold, it was in the minus figures everyday but I knew that before I felt so I had my thermals at the ready. The summer is nice and hot so it depends on your preference. I went for a weekend away to Prague and it is not that expensive at all. It is usually on Ryanair’s seat sale as a cheap destination to fly to so if you wait for a sale you will get cheap flights.


As a group of six, we decided that an apartment would be the most suitable type of accommodation for us. We could eat in if we wanted, have a few drinks if we wanted and it would be cheaper for us to stay in as opposed to a hotel! We found the perfect place, Cityspot apartments! I would 100% recommend these apartments. They are so stylish, fitted with a kitchen, only 5 minutes from the main square in Prague; Wenceslas Square, it felt safe and secure, the train station is across the road and you are close to bars and restaurants.


Things to Do;

On our first day we went to a bar Reilly’s for our breakfast and we got talking to the owner, he was Irish of course and he gave us some pointers on what’s good to see in Prague. He suggested that we get a Hop on Hop off bus tour. He actually knew the owner of this company and he gave us a discount on the ticket prices. That planned our day for us. So we headed to the ticket office to get our tickets and we set off on the bus tour. The ticket was valid for 48 hours. We opted for the bus tour and also the boat cruise as you could get a package deal for both.

  1. Prague is known as the city of ‘100 spires’ and this is evident as you make your way around Prague. Prague castle was our first stop, here we went on a guided waking tour around the grounds of the property. There is various buildings to see here that circulate around an amazing cathedral situated inside the castle walls; Katedrala Svateho Vita. The walking tour was very interesting to learn about the location of the official office of the President of the Czech Republic and about the crown jewels that are kept under lock and key here. We spent about 2 hours here, strolling around after our guided walking tour. Prague castle is a very popular attraction to see when you are visiting Prague.

2. We than continued onto the bus tour and shortly after we jumped off at the Strahov Stadium. This was the stop that was nearest to the Observation Tower/Petrin Tower. This tower dominates over Prague and it is easily spotted as it looks like the famous Eifel Tower. There is an admission fee to make your way up the stairs to reach the top and I would definitely do this. By the time we got here the sun was beginning to go down and the views were breath-taking. Although it is not an easy climb it really is worth it.

3. As this is all we could fit in for one day, it was very handy that the bus and cruise ticket was valid for 48 hours. The following day we had a look at Charles Bridge and went on the river cruise. As I mentioned earlier that the weather was very cold so a cruise may not have been the greatest idea but it was still good. I can imagine how much better it would be in the summer time.

4. Lesser town and old town is full of history, have a look at the astronomical clock and powder tower in old town.

5. Release your inner child in a HUGE toy shop that we stumbled into called Hamleys.

6. There are lots of bars and restaurants here too. Hardrock Café, Reillys Bar, Bed Lounge; Shisha/Hooka bar are some of the places we went to and there are many different nightclubs to choose from.


The currency is Koruna which is very hard to get used to as €1 is 25 Koruna, so be careful with your spending!

Be prepared for the weather if you decide to go in winter time, it is very cold here so pack appropriately.

Do not leave your bag down anywhere even if you think it is right beside you!

Also the alcohol to mixer ratio? It is not what you would be used to here, so watch your drinks haha!

So that’s it from me and my time in Prague! Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions about Prague, just ask!


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