Where do I start in explaining THE most amazing, craziest, action packed, fulfilling and eye opening trip I have been on to date… I think that everybody at some stage of there lives should save up and experience bagpacking/roadtriping around a different country for a couple of weeks!

It all started when a few of us in College decided, when we graduated with our degrees that we would pack our suitcases and go on the trip of a lifetime! This is always a thing that is said in passing and it is a great idea but most of the time nobody takes the time to sit down, plan it and actually commit to it, so this idea is usually always up in the air. This did happen multiple times for us too, until we were in final year college and began running out of time. We said if we don’t go now we will never go! So, heads down and after weeks of planning, budgeting, saving, scanning the internet and many disagreements.. 4 of us locked down the Ultimate Route!

Everyone I spoke to; people at home, people at work, even Americans that I met said that we were crazy, we wouldn’t be able to do it all in the time we had!

But we sure did… in just over 7 weeks, 50 days, we travelled over 10,000 kilometres and visited 9 different states accross America.

I will talk through the different ways we travelled, the types of accommodation we stayed in, the attractions we did, the places we visited, the good, the bad and ugly as the saying goes. If it inspired you to get booking a trip away to experience a section of the world, I will be happy.

But first things first… the logistics! I know that most people hate this part of planning a holiday but I actually love it, finding the best deals, best routes etc.

This is not a trip that can be done last minute because it is going to cost you. It requires a lot of saving and sticking to a budget plan as much as possible and then if you need to look at getting a holiday loan as a back-up then make sure to do so.

We spoke with an agent in the USIT Travel agents in Galway City numerous times to help us get familiar with the different ways of travelling to America (stopovers locations, stopover lenghts, airline and airplane types). This was really important for me as I really am not a good flyer and I needed to fly with an airline that provided tv screens to distract me!

After chatting with her we decided to fly to San Francisco with British Airways on the 22nd of August 2018 and we booked our flights with USIT.

Dublin –(6 hours)–> New York (Stopover 2 hours) –(7 hours)–> San Francisco!

I have so much information, tips and tricks to share with you all from this holiday. Therefore, I am going to breakdown this trip into various sections. Stay tuned for my first extract





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