Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa; known for its hot weather, nice beaches but most of all boozing and partying! What happens in Ponsa stays in Ponsa isn’t that how it goes?

It was decided we were going to go; relax by day, party by night, have regrets, spend all of our money on senseless things and just have the craic with no worries at all….

And that is exactly what we did. A big group of us headed to Santa Ponsa and it is safe to say I’m only now (4 years later) ready for another ‘party’ holiday. With tattoos, a hospital trip and hangovers it was eventful to say the least but that comes par in par with a our actions?

We flew into Palma de Mallorca Airport and we made our first mistake…no transfers planned. While everybody from the flight scattered into buses and transfers we were quickly left outside the airport unsure as to what to do next. We ended up having to get a taxi into Santa Ponsa which was expensive for us on our small budgets. It was about a 30 minute drive from the Airport but we made it finally SANTA PONSA, oh the excitement!!!!

Where to Stay;

DEYA apartments, WOW could we be any closer to the hussle and bussle of it all? The location was absolutely perfect, we were on the strip beside bars, nightclubs, restaurants, a shopping centre and a tattoo parlour if you are feeling extra adventurous!  It was less than 10 minutes to the beach too. What more could you want! The Apartment we stayed in was a 1 bedroom apartment with a pull out couch which was great for 3 people, basic but clean and each apartment had a balcony. The whole complex seemed to be full of people of our ages too so definitely not a family friendly complex at this time of year (June), We had restaurants, clubs and pubs on our doorstep and after a 5-10 minute stroll you will find yourself at the beach if the pool isn’t enough.

What To Do;

Well apart from hitting the pubs and clubs, I wish I could say more about what there is to see and do but if I am being honest we sat by the pool sipping cocktails, getting pizza delivered and chatting to loads of new people during the day. We would get ready and head out at night but beforehand always had our trusty pre-drinks that we got for very cheap in BIP supermarket just a couple of minutes from the apartments. Having a supermarket so close was very handy and I would advise getting some groceries to snack on during the day to save on costs.

We did a very good booze cruise one day with a place called Manhattan’s bar. This was really good fun with drinks, drinking games and slides on the boat too. You pay a fee at the beginning and then everything was included on board.

We headed into Magaluf which was only 15 minutes from Santa Ponsa one night to visit BCM, the multi-level ‘must see’ nightclub that we had heard about. The club was good and Steve Aoki was performing. We were glad we went there but we were very happy to get back to Santa Ponsa. Check out the tickets of different artists that are playing at BCM before you plan a trip to make the experience even better!


• Green Hills is a must we loved it when we were there it is across the road from the DEYA apartments, its not a bar and not a nightclub so its that in-between for when your group can’t agree on where to go.

• Flamingo’s is an Irish bar that showed the all-important hurling matches that we couldn’t miss while we were there.

• Daniels Corner is a great bar which was further down the strip, you could get 5 Litre cocktails that they would leave in the middle of your table for you and your pals to share.

• The Zanza Bar is beside Daniels Corner which is also a great bar.

• The BASEMENT is the nightclub we went to.

• Manhattans bar and booze cruise organiser

• Sean’s place and Durty Nelly’s are of course more Irish Bars on the strip.

• McDonalds and Subway are also there to nurse the hangover 😉

Santa Ponsa is still one of the best holidays I’ve had but that’s due the freedom and excitement of being away from home with your friends for the first time. It was the best! Go with a good group of friends, make it as expensive or as least expensive as you like  and just have fun! It’s a been there once done that kinda place.

Send me some party destination places? Where should I go next? 


​​​Do not drink Rushkinoff vodka even though its very cheap (seriously!!)

Drink lots of water, seems like a very straight forward tip but your body will appreciate it

Don’t forget you will be coming back to a cooler climate so bring some warm clothes for your flight home!


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