Howth, Dublin!

Hi Everyone! I am back chatting about another Irish location that I think everyone in Ireland should visit, be it for a few hours or stay for a weekend.

From stepping out of the car in Howth in County Dublin, that holiday feeling and the feeling of relaxation completely takes over as you no longer feel as though you are still in your home country, Ireland.

I was actually amazed that I had never been here before nor had I heard much about it. After staying with friends in Dublin City we decided to drive to Howth, which is about 40 minutes from the city as the weather was great!! If only we had more time.. I could have stayed there for a couple of nights.

The sun was shining, there were people outside drinking, a live Jazz band playing music which echoed all around the waterfront, I knew straight away that I loved this place!


We started by strolling down to the Lighthouse, long pier which stretches off of the mainland to the lighthouse. Pass by the marina where you will see many fishing boats and yachts and fishermen making there way back to land. Take a you look back towards Howth you will see the towns unusual structure. This lighthouse stands out with the colourful flowers and its red features! Great photo opportunity.

From here we jumped back into the car and started ascending up the cliff. Howth’s Cliff Walk is the main attraction that draws people to Howth. You can walk from the town up to the cliff but we did not have the time to do the whole loop from start to finish. After driving up to the car park, immediately you can see the amazing views! See the locals fishing from the cliff edge, locals painting, relax at the Howth Hub with a hot drink and shop a collection of records in the cliff-side café, sit down and enjoy the views, watch the boats pass by and the yacht club on on the water, take pictures! When I say, with every step it is picture perfect, I mean it! Of course the weather was on our side so I would highly suggest checking the weather before heading here!

I really loved this Cliff walk because I am really into taking pictures and some of my favourite places at home here in Clare, are cliff walks/mountain walks. The climb is always so worthwhile once you get to the top!

Do not worry if this isn’t your thing because Howth has more to offer besides the Cliff Walk. After making our way back down to the town we headed into the Howth Markets. This is a small market which has a great selection of food produce, Irish crafts and enviromentally friends products. Get a coffee or a pizza and take a stroll around the stalls, get chatting to the brains behind the produce as creators are only itching to tell you what and why they have designed what they have.

Visit Howth Castle and Gardens and see the remains of an abbey. We didn’t get to this but from research you can also take part in a cookery class in the kitchen of the cool!!

Lastly, dinner time! So much choice! We decided to eat in King Sitric. This was situated opposite the pier and had outdoor seating. Enjoy a bowl of chowder or a bowl of mussels (most restaurants have lots of fish dishes) and a craft beer to finish of your day. Beshoff Bros is a very popular fish shop!

Next time your flying into Dublin and you have a window seat keep an eye out, you will see Howth in all its glory, the lighthouse and marina! By this glimpse itself, you will want to get exploring Howth for yourself.

That’s one of the best things about Ireland, there is something that surprises me everywhere I go!! I will definiately return to Howth and stay there for a few nights! I hope you enoyed this, if you have any questions be sure to ask!


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