Known for world-class skiing and snowboarding, hiking, camping, sailing, fishing, casinos, nightlife and fabulous cuisine; Lake Tahoe is perhaps the best California attraction not beside a beach!

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

Firstly, I hope everyone is doing ok in these very unsure times due to the Coronavirus pandemic we and so many other countries around the world are experiencing! It is challenging times for every single person. One thing we know for sure and should all hold onto when we are experiencing bad days is, this will one day end, it will not last forever and we will all look at life with a different outlook. Always try search for the positives! I am going to continue with these blog posts as that’s what ye have all voted for in a recent poll and like everyone I’ve got time on my hands.


Let’s plan for 2021!!


I have visited San Franciso, Yosemite and I arrive at the third location (Day 9) of my American Roadtrip – Lake Tahoe! If you have missed any of my blog posts on these locations or if you want some information on how I came about heading off on an American Roadtrip you can catch the latest on my website:

It is clear by the drive into this location that we are leaving a very mountainous location behind (Yosemite) as you descend and head into another slice of Californian magic, South Lake Tahoe! The drive is about a 3/4 hour drive from Yosemite Village, including stopovers, to South Tahoe. It is very easy to drive to and you will begin to get signs you are close to Tahoe when you spot casinos on the outskirts! Tahoe itself is a popular place to visit for 4th of July celebrations, the winter season for snow activities and summer season for water activities on the lake. It is a very straight town and easy to get around! We drove directly to our accommodation to get settled.

Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort (Diamonds Resort)

First impressions as we pulled in was WOW. This is a huge contrast to Yosemite which we travelled from – Motel vibes accommodation in the middle of nowhere with no wifi or coverage/outdated interior/small complex in comparison to this Vacation resort we booked here. Don’t get me wrong I liked the accommodation in Yosemite, it was very fitting!

This resort is very big nestled right on the water’s edge. We booked this before arriving in the US and it was very reasonable. On arrival, you can opt for valet parking if you wish and the staff were some of the nicest we met so far on our entire trip. They were very welcoming and the first thing we always do is get residents advice on what’s good to do and see and they were more than helpful! Our room was more of an apartment with a full kitchen, dining area, sitting room with pull out bed, double ensuite bedroom and shared bathroom! Not forgetting a balcony. I would suggest getting a room like this if you can so you can cook for yourselves and save money! But we were wrecked and headed for dinner in the restaurant on site and finished the evening off with wine by the outdoor firepits. This is such a nice thing to do and it is something I think of when I look back on this trip. It was a ‘normal’ thing to do for a few hours to chat, look back on all we did and just have the craic!

Day 2

We headed to the supermarket to get some food and supplies. An enormous supermarket might I add… OMG is a phrase I said at least 50 times a day in the US. The products are huge, the type of food that was for sale/seeing clothes for sale in a chemist.. I could have spent hours just looking through all the aisles. We got food for breakfast, dinner, lunch and snacks for the car to keep us going! We went to the swimming pool and sauna, before walking down to the lake. There are so many activities that you can do here, kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding you name it you can do it in Tahoe.

We decided to rent a boat!! This wasn’t the cheapest thing to do, in fact out of all the activities to choose from this was more than likely the most expensive. We chatted with the company (there are lots of offices just up from the dock, rent office/clothes shops/paint and sip shop) and he got us set up. Here is a website that you can look into but boat rental for up to 6 people begins at $169. It was the best thing we did and it was a great experience. You get a run-through of how to drive the boat and where to go on the lake. They explain that there is no drinking allowed on the boat, but as your drive out onto the lake you cross from California into the Nevada state will where drinking on board is aloud ;).

We got some bottles, snacks and set sail with our music plugged into the speaker. Depending on how long you rent the boat for you can cruise around the bay but we decided to stop after a while and jump off and swim. It is soooo cold (beginning of September) The lake is so deep that the nearby ski mountain will fit completely into the lake. After, just relax on the sand, read a book and chill out as we did! We had dinner at Cali Burger which was great, and headed to Roberts Magic Show. This was a mind-blowing show and very weird… not one to go to with kids or your parents! We hit the town and Harvey’s Casino which was actually the first casino built in South Lake Tahoe. Very Vegas Vibes!!

Day 3

Visit Emerald Bay. Located close to South Tahoe is a beautiful Natural Park, a popular spot as traffic was busy getting here. But you will pass by a horse riding school if that is something that interests you. This is a picture-perfect location but we didn’t spend too long exploring here. The further west of the Lake you travel you will get to Eagle Fall. This is a trailhead that was highly recommended to do but we passed on this. It was back to the resort, cooked dinner, a nice bath with a glass of red and we were ready to set off the following morning to continue our adventure to location number 4!

Although my time in Tahoe was short, I feel as though I saw a lot of what South Lake Tahoe had to offer! I loved it here and I think our accommodation being on the Lakes edge had a big part to play. I will return someday but to experience it at Wintertime. It will be a completely new experience!!


  • Always make time to sit down and relax! On an intense schedule it can become very go go go, what’s next, what must we book now… So when you are on holidays with your friends/family whoever it may be don’t forget to have fun together!
  • Get rooms with cooking facilities if you are aware that the location you are travelling to is expensive! Even breakfast & lunch in and have dinner out or visa versa, your pocket will thank you for it!
  • Diamonds Resort has properties all around the states and the globe and you can get discounts for staying in multiple locations. Ask about this on arrival or online
  • Here is a good website with information on all things South Lake Tahoe-

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions about this blog post or travel in general, be sure to pop me a message. For now, most importantly, stay safe! X

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