Still one of my favourite places that I have visited!! Did you know that Budapest is actually separated by the Danube River so you can visit; Buda and/or Pest! Each side of the river has different things to see and do which broadens the amount exploring that can be done! Budapest weather is hot during the Summer averaging at about 28 Celcius which was the time of year when I visited. The temperature dips back to minus figures in the Winter months. Budapest was a stop during my Interrail trip through Europe and my only regret was that I did not have more time here! So keep reading through this if Budapest is on your travel horizons!


As I mentioned earlier I visited Budapest when I was on an Interrail trip so it was all about budgeting when it came to booking accommodation. I stayed in ‘B My Bed Hostel’ which for what I can tell as of now is closed and has re-opened as ‘Hostel One Basilica’. The reviews on this hostel were very good, the location was ideal. There were six of us in total visiting Budapest and this hostel worked out at a shocking €12.50 each per night!! There is a big kitchen area to make breakfast/lunch/dinner and the dorm was basic but spacious. There was a common room which had bean bags and tables for you to hang out and meet other travelers and to have a few drinks before heading out!

There is a supermarket beside the hostel, a very big events space across the road which has a nightclub and an outdoor seated bar. It is close to many different parks and museums also. The staff were super friendly too and helped us book our activities.

Things To Do;

There is so much to do in Budapest and although I did my fair share, there is only so much you can fit into two days so here’s what I got up to;

The first thing that comes to most peoples mind when they think of Budapest is the Budapest Baths….. and of course I went here and I was not disappointed. There are many different bath complex areas in Budapest, some with traditional Turkish Baths, some with indoor baths, some outdoor baths and some with both.

I initially wanted to visit one of the ‘sparties‘, a spa thermal party that looked like a nightclub with music, laser shows and dancing but in pools at night. Unfortunately these only take place on certain dates and certain times of the year and we found this out as we arrived so we opted to visit the Szechenyi spa bath.

I was unsure what to expect but on arrival the building alone boasts its magnificence. The palace was built in 19th Century and as you get a hint of the water through the windows you will instantly feel that this was a great decision in buying a ticket. Inside you will find 15 indoor baths and 3 outdoor pools. Each bath is different to the other, some scented, cold and hot baths and my favourite was the heated pool outside! You buy an admission ticket which lasts the full day! You can opt for facials and massage therapies while you are there. What a way to nurse a late night or unwind on your last day of your trip before heading back to reality?

The Chain Bridge;

This bridge is a suspension bridge that connects Buda to Pest. This is amazing to see and have a walk over this to explore another side of the city.

Hungary Parliament Building;

This is a standout building alongside the Danube River. See it in all its glory during the night when it is completely lit up. A river cruise would be a another great way to see this and there are different types of cruises you can get. Again, unfortunately we did not have the time to do this and decided that we would save our money. I attached a link here that has various options of cruises to choose from if you are interested.

Heroes Square;

This is one of the major square in Budapest. The memorial monument that is standing here is holds history and is interesting to walk around. A worthwhile visit that is near to City Park.

City Park;

  1. There is so much to do around City Park. Stroll over to Vajdahunyad Castle, a castle build in the 1800s. This architectural building was modeled as a fortress and it is clear that this was achieved.
  2. Head to see the animals at the Budapest Zoo which is located in City Park.
  3. Stroll around Margaret Island where you will see water fountains, people sunbathing or with a picnic
  4. Rent a pedal boat to get you onto the water.

Other things to see;

The Hungarian State Opera House

Visit the popular Ruin Bars which are well known in Budapest

Visit some of the various caves that are located in and around Budapest.

Explore both Buda and Pest if at all possible, I only visited one side of the city.

Tips & Tricks;

Pre-Book your events and activities that you want to do before arrival especially if you are visiting during high season months.

The currency in Budapest is Hungarian Forint and it’s one of those complicated ones that can be easily mixed up! €3 works out to be worth 1,000 Hungarian Forint so be careful about your spending!

Block out a full day if you are visiting the baths.

Hit the supermarket and cook in your accommodation if all possible to save your pockets.

There is A LOT to do here so do your research before you go, see what interests you, look as the average time spent in each place and then look at how many days you should go for.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

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