Did somebody say holiday?


Viva Las Vegas…. what comes to mind when you think of the words LAS VEGAS? Crazy, mayhem, dirty, wild, expensive, partying, clubs… Let’s be honest, we all have a picture painted in our minds of a location before we even get there and mine of Las Vegas was; It is a place that you need … Continue reading LAS VEGAS


Hello! Here we go again, this is location number 4 of my American Roadtrip <– Catch up here! As the Corona’s song ‘San Diego’ goes: “We sleep all day, We drink all night, We are not wasting our time, We refuse to hide, We are going out tonight” This is an accurate representation of one … Continue reading SAN DIEGO


Here we go again….. I am on the move to my next location within my American Roadtrip! From South Lake Tahoe, we drove to Sacramento International Airport. Here is where we decided to say goodbye to our rental Jeep. To drive to LA it would have taken us about 6 hours and a flight from … Continue reading LOS ANGELES


Known for world-class skiing and snowboarding, hiking, camping, sailing, fishing, casinos, nightlife and fabulous cuisine; Lake Tahoe is perhaps the best California attraction not beside a beach! Click here to read more.

Travel Information: COVID 19!

Have you a holiday booked for the next couple of weeks and you are unsure what to do about it? Have a read of this information and it might get you that headstart of what you need to know.


We arrived in one piece….Thank God! So we were not going to drive on this trip as I was the only one that had a valid license at the time and I didn’t want to get stuck with the driving for the entire trip. Coupled with not having my own full driving license for too … Continue reading YOSEMITE