Yeah that’s right not just your usual site-seeing, things to do, places to eat & drink post this will be a post with a different outlook. I recently visited Berlin to attend Lollapalooza and it did not disappoint. This is a 2 day music festival set in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany and the line up was insanely good. Keep reading to see all the information on how I went about booking tickets, accommodation, getting there and some tips and tricks. I have actually been to Berlin before so I will do a separate post on what to do in Berlin for a few days.

Lollapalooza Tickets: September 7th & 8th;

So, Lollapalooza tickets are very easy to get! I tried so hard to get tickets to Tomorrowland this year but after months of waiting for pre-sale, round 1 worldwide sale and an unsuccessful round 2 worldwide sale, I was so annoyed! After coming across Lollapalooza Berlin and after looking at the line up which included; Swedish House Mafia, Martin Garrix, Tom Walker, Rita Ora & Billie Eilish to name a few, I chatted to my friends and 2 days later we bought our tickets!! Easy as that! They were €159 for the 2 days which is very reasonable in comparison to other music festivals that are out there.

Tickets can be bought online and the tickets did not sell out as far as I am aware so you do not need to worry about buying them the day the tickets are released. You can also get 1 day or 2 day passes. It is also family friendly as they have a ‘kidpalooza’ area which is such a good idea I think, as their is an age variety of young to old.


I flew from Dublin to Berlin Schonefeld Airport. Be careful as this is one of two airports in Berlin and we were told to make sure you are arriving and departing from the same one as sometimes it can be different! (Taxi driver advice is always helpful!) The Festival is on Saturday the 7th and Sunday the 8th of September. I flew over on the 6th of September on an early flight to give us time to get settled in Berlin before the festival. We flew home on the 10th of September, this allowed us time to recover the day after the festival and also to get to look around Berlin.


We stayed in the Meininger Hotel. This is a chain hotel in Berlin and there are a few of these hotels in different locations all around the city. We stayed in TurmstraBe, Mitte district. The hotel was in a good location for us to travel to Lollapalooza as we were close to the underground train station. It took us 25 minutes to travel to the Olympic Stadium via underground train and approximately the same lenght via Uber. Meininger Hotel is a great hotel/hostel that fit 4 of us into a room (note one bunk-bed and one double bed). There is a bar area/common room by reception and breakfast is optional and extra. We paid €200 each for four nights, maybe more expensive than we wanted but we left it very late to book this accommodation! All in all I would definitely stay in this hotel chain again when visiting Berlin.

Before the Festival;

  • After purchasing your tickets online via a secure website such as ticketmaster, you will need to set up a Lollapalooza account to activate your ticket. Berlin being in Germany, the website is all in German, once you are on a laptop and not a phone you can translate the page to English easily.
  • Once you have activated your ticket, you must print out your activated ticket to bring with you to the Lollapalooza entrance.
  • Next step, which I was so impressed by was topping up your wristband. Lollapalooza is a CASHLESS event. Therefore, you do not need to carry money around and ATM cards to buy drink, food or merchandise! You simply add money onto your account that you have made and on arrival to the festival you will get your electronic wristband that your use to purchase anything you want. I did spot an ATM in the festival and it said that some bars accept cash but they wouldn’t advise bringing it.
  • You can also opt to buy vouchers online such as 3 for 2 on beer or a friends carrier (5 Beers) and print this voucher to bring with you but these wristbands were the easiest method. No messing with money or worrying about losing bank cards!
  • ** WIFI, COVERAGE & 4G is very hard to get at the festival so we always put the money onto our wristbands before we left our accommodation so we wouldn’t get stuck for money at the festival! There were stations onsite to top up your bands but we didn’t want to waste time doing this!
  • Before the festival be sure to map out what artists you and your friends want to see and make sure your all in agreement with each other. Also ‘favourite’ a photo of the line up on your phone so you can easily get the photo to see who and where you are going next.

During the Festival;

  • Arrive in time to allow for security and checking into the festival, to get your wristbands and to become familiar with the site. The complex is pretty big with a fashion section where you can see Tommy Hilfiger & Essence brands doing clothing sales and hair and make up. There is a big food court with every food imaginable! There was the Olympic Stadium itself as one stage and then around the stadium there were 3 more stages; Alternative, North & South Stages. Make sure you know who you are going to see at the festival and allow time to get to the different stages.
  • There is acrobatics, circus performers, synchronized swimmers, you name it it was more than likely there!
  • Drinks at Lollapalooza: Desperado’s and Absolute were sponsors of the event so this was very popular but if this isn’t your thing you can just go for a regular German beer or even a cocktail. I stuck with the beer and to make it even better is that I didn’t even need to keep going over to the bar areas to get a refill. There were guys coming through the crowds with beer on tap, on their backs!! So handy! €5.50 for a beer and there is a €1.00 deposit on the glass so every beer after that is €4.50 (if you still have your glass).
  • Toilets were actually quiet clean the majority of the time and there were loads of port-a-loos.
  • Queues were not a major issue during the festival at all surprisingly, but try to eat earlier as we ate at about 6/7pm on our first night and we went to the food court and we were waiting for about 30 minutes for food. The following day we ate earlier in the day and we avoided the food court and went to the food stalls that are dotted around the stages!
  • Bring a small jacket also as it got a bit cold at night! The festival runs till about 11pm.

After the Event:

  • Vitamin C and Dioralyte were our best friends! A dioralyte which helps re hydrate you, before going to bed and a Vitamin C helps with the hangovers and tiredness! We had an ’emergency’ bag with us, as I always have with me going on holidays, which is a good idea in case you become sick while you are away!
  • Be sure to keep your wristband for about 5 days after the event as you can get whatever you didn’t spend off of the wristband with a pin and code that is printed on the band.
  • Re-watch all the videos you took and pictures you took to pretend you are still there haha like I do!

First festival I have actually ever been too and I loved it! Very well organised, no trouble during the festival, easy to get drink and food, not too crowded and easy to get to and from the festival!! Lollapalooza is in 7 different locations all around the globe…. Who’s with me??

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