Split is the second largest city in Croatia. We arrived into Split by train as it was the last leg of our Interrailing trip. We had to travel to Zagreb first and change trains and then traveled on to Split. On first appearances, the station is located in the heart of the city, in saying this it is a very run down station with no amenities. But once you step out of the station you step straight onto the docks and wow it was amazing, the crystal clear water, the sun beaming down on the various boats, it was a slice of heaven.


 Apartments Kovacic Grubisic are the apartments we chose. This apartment was very good value for money and it was in a good location. The accommodation was very big, it was more of a house than an apartment and fit 6 of us very comfortably. There were two balcony’s, one of which overlooked the sea, two big bedrooms, a kitchen and a sitting room with a pull out couch. The owners were very nice and generous and drove us to this lovely beach (Obojena Svjetlost Beach) after we arrived, they waited until we were finished and drove us back to our accommodation. This accommodation was particularly cheap and worked out at being under €20 each a night for 3 nights. This is why we decided to stay in a bigger more comfortable place as opposed to a hostel to relax of the last leg of our Interrail trip, as the prices were similar.  

Things to do;

Strip; Along with every sunny destination you always have a strip. On the strip you have many different restaurants, different cuisines and many different bars to sit down and enjoy a cocktail in the sun.

Markets; there are lots of different markets on the strip which sell almost everything!

Pub Crawls; seem to be a big thing here too as we heard about them all the time while we were there. You pay to join the group of pub crawlers and you are brought around different bars and clubs in Split where you are given free drinks.

Island tour; This tour is a must! It is a day long tour that leaves from Split and takes you to exclusive locations such as a blue cave, a sea monk cave, Stiniva Cove an inlet which is said to be one of the best beaches in Europe, a town called Hvar and more. It costs about €100 but you are gone all day and it is definitely worth the money as it is one of the most highly recommended thing to do in Split. We got our tickets from the tourist office by the docks;

We stayed in Croatia for 3 nights and I found that this was enough time. We had a day of actioned packed activites with the day long tour, a day strolling around the markets and exploring the town and a day by the beach, what more could you want? We were very happy with our time in Spilt, Croatia.

Although if this doesn’t seem like enough to persuade you to add this onto your list of destinations you want to visit or if a weekend isn’t long enough there are plenty more things to see and do around the area. Here are a few extra places and things that I would want to do if I returned;

  • I would love to explore the capital of Croatia more. Zagreb is located inland and it is the largest city in Croatia. It is said to be full of charm and culture and it is a great contrast to the island hopping off of the coast.
  • I would also want to explore Dubrovnik which is a historical town built in the 16th Century located in the South of Croatia. This is a popular tourist destination with people that visit Croatia and it is easy to see how. Located overlooking the Adriatic Sea the views on each corner is imaginably, breath taking. Why not take a trip here to extend your trip? If this sounds like something you would be interested in, I would definitely read this article on getting from Split to Dubrovnik as it seems to be quite a complicated route.
  • Also I am so disappointed that I did not know about Krka National Park before I visited Croatia because the pictures on Google speak for themselves… WOW. It is the exact kind of place that I would love. It is known for series of waterfalls, monasteries and great cascades! This alone makes me want to return!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions just ask!

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