A family holiday, which was a couple of years ago now, led us to a sunny Lanzorate.  Anyone else when they go on an Irish family holiday it isn’t just your typical Mom, Dad, Brother and Sister type holiday but it turns into a big gang of Aunties and Uncles or Cousins that go along too? That is the way my family holidays go making it all the better!!


We chose to visit Lanzorate because we all agreed we wanted to be in a hot, sunny climate which also had a lot to do nearby to suit us all for a week. We flew into Arrecife airport and from there we headed to Puerto Del Carmen, a short 5 kilometers away, a really nice seafront town.


After researching different apartments that had a pool, bars and restaurants nearby and in walking distance to the beach BUT not too expensive (Always the way with us, we want to be near EVERYTHING but have a heart attack when it shows you the price). There are of course always compromises that has to be made when looking for accommodation.

We found the IDEAL location on the strip of Puerto Del Carmen. Apartamentos Fayna y Flamingo! These apartments are located across the road from the sea and with a few steps further will lead you down from the boardwalk to the beach. This apartment complex is broken into; Fayna and Flamingo which were separate apartments that were on the same premises. The apartments we stayed on were as you see above marked with the yellow stars in the Flamingo Apartments. They were one bedroom apartments with an additional pull out couch in the living area. With 8 of us at the time visiting Puerto Del Carmen together, we were put into 3 apartments side by side giving us each a balcony overlooking the pool and sea.

This accommodation which was on the strip was perfect. There was a gated entrance out onto the strip which could only be accessed by key which made it very secure, and there was a range restaurants and bars to choose from.


Rancho Texas

This is a really cool thing to see when you visit Lanzorate! It is located on the outskirts if Puerto Del Carmen. Prepare for an evening being brought back in time with horse and carts, cowboys, line dance classes, jugs of beer and an all you can eat buffet. What a great way to spend an evening! They also have a waterpark and a zoo at this location but that is not accessible with a country night ticket but would be a great way to spend a day too.

Water Activities

As you are very close to the beach in Puerto Del Carmen water activities are endless; banana boats, kayaking, speed boats the usual beach activities but you can also opt to be a bit more adventurous with a scuba diving lesson or take a trip onto a submarine! Or just sunbath and try escape the heat by jumping into the pool every so often like we did, cheap and cheerful!

Volcano Mountain

Timanfaya National Park, although we didn’t visit this park we passed by, this is a popular tourist destination to see dormant volcanos where expert guides you through the park. Camel rides are also available at this national park.


The best part of the trip; Shopping of course!! The Teguise Market takes place once a week and is a huge market filled with your ‘Prada/Gucci/Dior’ handbags and purses, jewellery, clothes and souvenirs; Definitely my happy place, I could and more than likely did stay around this market all day without even noticing. Be sure to bring a sun hat, the heat was crazyyyyyyy!   

Old Town

There is almost always an old section to a town and the old town of Lanzorate is beautiful. We actually walked from the strip of Puerto Del Carmen to the old town and there were loads of bars, cafes, viewing points along the way. We finished at a marina by the sea. Definitely recommend visiting old town!


Café La Ola is on the strip and is a very nice bar/restaurants on on the water. More pricey as opposed to others.

Golden Hour is a cocktail bar that has a huge selection of cocktails. You also get a shot with every cocktail you order, a welcomed addition.

Murphy’s Bar, need I say any more? Typical Irish bar!

Thanks for reading, any questions just ask!


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