About Me

Hey Everybody!


For awhile now I have been thinking about travel, travel and more travel! Like many people these days we just want to see the world! Is that so much to ask for?

Well it is and it isn’t; picking a destination, researching an area, getting the time off work, babysitters, dog-sitters the preparation can be endless… but this is something I love doing. Working on putting in the research, finding the best deals and unique activities to make a holiday the best it can be!

My ideal holiday is Adventurous and full of memories; memorable places, meeting memorable people and taking part in memorable activities.

I have been lucky enough to do my fair share of travelling so far and this page is about me sharing what I have learnt along the way, the do’s and the don’t’s while travelling, the pocket friendly holidays and the more costly holidays I have been on.

If anything this will be my travel/photo diary! 

A holiday suitable for everyone! Stay tuned for my various posts & thanks everyone for visiting this page!

If you have any questions or want me to help you in planning a trip just ask, I would love to help!