When you think of Killarney you might think of various activities that are widely known to be linked to Killarney. Some of these will include a concert in the INEC, waterfalls, rally of the lakes, horse and carts or even a great night out. Killarney is a great location for a weekend away, hen/stag parties, couples retreat and of course a family friendly trip.

I advise setting off and taking a drive around the outskirts of Killarney, leave the town behind and watch the sheer beauty of the Ring of Kerry guide you along your way. There is no shortage of viewpoints, so be sure to have an empty camera roll and be ready to hop in and out of your car because these views are unmissable!!

1; Killarney National Park

  • This is the first place we stopped while in Killarney! The reason for this stop was to see Torc Waterfall. This is just a short walk from the entrance and on a sunny day like we had on arrival, it was quite busy! This although didn’t take away from view of this waterfall. I love to see the highly recommended attractions for myself to see if it is as good as people/TripAdvisor says it is and Torc Waterfall is as great as it is made out to be. I wouldn’t ever see waterfalls in Clare, so this was a particular treat! I didn’t venture any further into Killarney National Park but if this is something you are interested in, there is a lot more to do here. There are different walking paths, circular routes and different viewing points as you ascend further into the park. But if you are not out to increase your exercise than head back to the car and lets get to the next stop.
  • Muckross House and Gardens is worth mentioning here as it is a popular destination to visit in Killarney National Park and with its close distance to Torc Waterfall, you can visit Muckross House and Gardens Property very easily. Nestled in the middle of a huge site, Muckross House is easy to spot. It will bring you back in time to ‘Downtown Abbey’ similar days with a 19th Century Victorian mansion on display overlooking Muckross lake. Horse and cart trips can be taken outside of the property and you can visit a cafe, woodlands, the lake or even take a tour of the farm, all of which is onsite.
  • Ladies View is a WOW stop. I fell in love with this spot. I love to see how Ireland’s scenery various in different places and different counties and it is this view that I remember the most from my time in Kerry. This is another point on the Ring of Kerry and it does not disappoint. The sun was shining down, there were clear, blue skies and it was very quiet along here. After taking some photos and walking around, we headed into a very convenient shop that was located here called ‘Ladies View Industries‘. It is a small gift shop full of Irish merchandise and what really topped it off for me was the open top terrace above the cafe! Enjoy a coffee or a bite to eat here while looking down on the the lakes and mountains!

2; Moll’s Gap

  • Further from Killarney the well known area, Molls Gap is the location where the Rally of the Lakes passes through. Another great location that looks onto the mountains; MacGillycuddy’s Reeks and the rolling fields below. There is an Avoca shop at this location too to browse around to pass by some time.

3; Gap of Dunloe

  • From here you can come off the N71 and take the country route back to Killarney town which will lead you to the Gap of Dunloe. The Gap of Dunloe will bring you down close to the lakes as opposed to viewing them from afar.

4; Black Valley

  • Black Valley is a valley within MacGillycuddy Reek mountains. Black Valley is a remote location close to the Gap of Dunloe. These both giving you different views of the the mountains and lakes that make up the setting along the Ring of Kerry, that is Killarney!

5; Shopping

There is always time for some shopping!! I am a shopaholic no matter how tired I am, I will never say no to ‘having a look’ in some shops. I stopped in Leading Labels, a shopping center in Killarney that has different branded shops. This is not a huge shopping center but there was enough of variety here.

6; Killarney

With an array of nightclubs and bars to choose from in Killarney you will not be short for a lively place to get you up and dancing or to take you along a trusty pub crawl!

Whats best about all these viewing stopovers is that they do not cost a penny!! Unless of course you buy something in the shop or in the cafes. I am aware that this is not everybody’s cup of tea so why not head to Killarney for an event, the rally of the lakes or bring your outdoor gear because there is plenty activities to do around Killarney to inject more excitement into your visit.

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about this post, just ask!

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