Berlin…. thinking back on my trip to Berlin, it was a trip that was full of surprises both good and bad but definitely a memorable holiday! So lets get stuck in and here is what I did and also learned from my 48 hours in Berlin!

I traveled to Berlin as another stop on an Interrail trip through Europe. If you want to see how Interrail works then just click the link here to read my tips, tricks and how to. So with this, we arrived into Berlin by train. It was already dark when we arrived which made it very hard for us to find our hostel. 6 girls wandering around in circles for about an hour with our luggage was not our wisest decision. it is a lot safe and easier to get a taxi/bus when arriving into a new city after daylight. We finally arrived at our hostel, we actually had passed it out a few times would you believe!


We were going for cheep and cheerful on our Interrail trip and this accommodation was more than what we expected! BaxPax Hostel/St Christopeher’s Berlin was a great hostel to stay in. They staff were very nice and this hostel had good facilities! As I said it was late when we arrived to the hostel and we didn’t realise that our beds in amongst a huge dorm with at least 20 other beds in it so this was our first surprise! Not to worry a quick change of our clothes and we headed out to some bars! We had a chance to experience some trendy bars but we decided not too stay out too long and we actually felt really uncomfortable in one particular place so we headed back to the hostel!

There is a common room at the hostel with a pool table, dart board and some other things so we got a few drinks here and ended up meeting lots of other travellers! This ended up being so much fun, we got to meet people from all around the world and hear all of their stories! Some were finishing there time in Berlin so they had ideas and tips on places to visit and some even came site seeing with us the following day!

There is an option to add breakfast, there is a rooftop terrace here which we didn’t see, an outdoor terrace and private dorms if you prefer more privacy! It is close to popular landmarks and touristy destinations also and there are restaurants close by! I would definitely recommend this hostel and I would stay here again!

Things To Do;

Museum Island. It is what is says! The famous Museum Island is a well known, popular area to visit while in Berlin. The island sits in the River Spree and it made up of 5 museums in the Mitte District. There is a museum here to suit many, but fear not if none of the museums on Musuem Island do not interest you there are more musuems trickled around different parts of Berlin.

Art museums, DDR which displays the former life of East Germany, different history museums, war and typography of terror museum. So if you are into delving into history? You like to witness Art you’ve read about come to life? Or you want to learn more about the German way past/present then Berlin should be high on your places to visit! Here is a link all about admission fees into the Museums.

The Berlin Wall. Sticking with history related places to visit, the Berlin wall should be visited while you are here. This wall was built to separate and divide West Berlin from East Germany and was a symbol of the Cold War. It is only as of 1990 the depicted of what the Berlin Wall stood for dissolved and locals arrived and chipped and hammered the wall away. There are some slabs of wall still remaining (East Side Gallery) and a memorial that you can visit. You can also visit the Border checkpoint office!

Holocaust Memorial; The memorial of the murdered Jews. Located in the center of the city!

Brandenburg Gate; Nearby the Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of peace between Germany and Europe, ancient gate connecting Berlin to the ‘rest of Germany’. It was another border control area.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Fernsehturn TV Tower;

This is an iconic feature in Berlin. A tall spire like tower which stands high in the city. This tower is 386 meters tall which opened in 1968 that showcases 360 degree views of the city. There is also a bar/restaurant that you should pre-book to avoid queues and to ensure you get a table.


Alexanderplatz is the shopping district in Berlin. The Mall of Berlin is a major shopping centre with all shops imaginable froms; Tommy Hilfiger to Zara to food courts and health shops!

Other; Botanical Gardens, Cathedrals, Shopping districts and Parks.

Here is a link that will give you information on the different districts in Berlin.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Berlin, if you have any questions just ask! I have since been to Berlin for a longer lenght of time click this link to see what I got up to and where I stayed!

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