If you are not sure where you want to go on your next trip, you don’t want to go too far but you want your trip to be fun, different and adventurous? Well look no further I have got the answer for you!!

Like other family holidays, the usual 5 in my family and some of my aunties headed over to tour around Scotland. I know what you are thinking it’s not your usual sun, sand and sea destination but it is actually a trip I would happily repeat! We flew to Edinburgh but on the way we had to land in Glasgow as there was something wrong with the plane. There is always a problem at the beginning of a holiday isn’t there? Once this was fixed we were on our way to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a red hot destination for weekend getaways at the moment. So why not extend your weekend getaway to an extended break/extra long weekend? Relax in Edinburgh the capital of Scotland have a stroll around the medieval town.

• Edinburgh Castle is a must see here; there is a fee to pay to enter the castle to see the crown jewels but we were happy to view the ‘Castle on the hill’ from the outside.

• Edinburgh Old Town is full of castles, museums,  galleries, botanical gardens the list goes on, there is something to suit everyone. We just wandered around Edinburgh taking it all in. We stayed here for two nights and then rented a car and headed north to a town called Aberdeen. Whats best about road-trips and having your own transport? You can stop wherever you like, whenever you like.

We took the coast roads as much as possible which always offers the best views.

Aberdeen was next aka the ‘Granite City’ due to having so many grey stone buildings. This city is a port city and Aberdeen was just a stopping point for us. When we arrived we booked into accommodation and just stayed here for one night. There are bits and pieces to do here too such as Museums, amusements park, gardens and cathedrals typical to what you would expect in any city. The following day, we were on the road again and continuing north. Our next destination was to Inverness.

I loved Inverness, it had a real old-school feel to it. Inverness is the largest city and cultural capital of the highlands. There are markets to stroll through where we bought a Scottish music CD that we still listen to now, sounds weird I know but you do get sucked into all things bagpipes and kilts! There are more cultural things to see here such as different castles, reserve parks, city tours, marina and of course your usual; cathedrals, parks etc. We stayed in Inverness for 2 nights so on day two, only located 30 minutes away we headed to Loch Ness. Of course we had to go here and see if we could spot the mytical ‘Loch Ness Monster’. Loch Ness is the second largest lake in the UK and you can get a great boat tour on the lake to search for the Loch Ness monster, unfortunately/obviously we had no luck and didn’t see him but google images gives you the idea of how it should look! ^

Inverness; A great stopover!

Fort William was our next destination, a town in the Scottish Highlands. Fort William is known as the gateway to the UK’s highest peak; Ben Nevis. We didn’t stay overnight here as we were still going to continue down as far as Loch Lomond the same day. This location would definitely be worth stopping at as the Nevis mountain range resort sounds like a great ADVENTURE. It has different forest trails, ski slopes and even whiskey distilleries nearby.

Back into the car and we were the road to Loch Lomond, a lake in southern Scotland. This is set in the Trossachs National Park and is a beautiful area. There are so many different activities to do in this area; cycle trails, heritage trails, an ancient village known as Luss not to mind a variety of water activities on the lake.

Duck’s Bay Hotel & Cottages has a distinct place in my memory because of how beautiful the location was. It was set down on the shore right on Loch Lomond, a balcony out the back of the hotel allows you to have dinner overlooking the lake and watch the sunset. *Would definitely return.

A quick one night stay here and we set off back to Edinburgh to catch our flight home.

• A Scottish road-trip can be described as a calm, easy paced roadtrip full of taking in the coastal views and strolling about the towns/citys/Scottish Highlands.

This route can be made more adventurous with adding fast paced, fun-filled activities for a group of people seeking more in each location.

There is something for everyone! Thanks for reading this post! Any questions just ask!

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