Weather you are thinking of a weekend away, an overdue holiday, a shopping spree or some R&R that isn’t too far from home? Then this is the perfect place to go.

I used to go to London quite a bit as a child but I couldn’t remember it and I never actually felt the urge to visit here until my sister said it was the only place she wanted to visit for a trip away.

So I booked flights (very cheap) and headed to London for 3 nights/4 days and after visiting London, I unexpectedly, did not want to come home!

You will find yourself in awe of how different each area is, even if you just get on the underground and get off at the next stop, no two areas are the same. The city offers something that captures your attention on every corner.

The food was great! It has actually never happened where I enjoyed every meal I had on my trip and most importantly is was not as expensive as I had thought it was going to be!

The only downside I would have is the amount of people! London, being a capital city is of course going to be busy but I feel as though this was the busiest city I have ever visited! Be prepared for queues!

I will break this post down into different categories, I find that this is easier to hoam into separate areas that I want to discuss. It also breaks up all the information so it doesn’t feel like you are reading an essay! Click on each section below to read more!



Eating & Drinking

Attractions in London

Free Attractions in London

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