I traveled to London, arriving on a Thursday and leaving on a Sunday. As it was a weekend, accommodation was working out very expensive. I also only booked the trip about 3 weeks before I actually went so my choice of accommodation was limited as many properties were fully booked. I always tend to use when looking for accommodation as you can whittle down your search to suit the exact accommodation you are looking for i.e. star rating, type of property, distance, review score, district and so on.

I went to London with my sisters so we decided a hotel would be the best suited for us. I searched for a couple of nights to see the different deals and I found the Royal Cambridge Hotel. This was on the cheap side as opposed to other accommodation and it was the closest to the city center. It worked out at around €40 a night each which was very good value for money! This hotel is located in Sussex Gardens, Paddington.

I highly recommend this location and would happily return here when I visit London again. The hotel is less than a 5 minute walk from Paddington Station and the underground. It is also a 5 minute walk to Edgware station. These two stations give you easy access to the Bakerloo, Circle and District lines.

Paddington, as you can see above (marked yellow) is very close to different prime attractions in London. There is a tourist office, steakhouses, Chinese and Italian restaurants, fast-food chains such as Burger King and McDonalds, souvenir shops, boathouse restaurants, great bars and much more. It has everything you need after a long day on your feet.

Sussex Gardens, the street where our hotel was located, is a street dedicated to hotels. These are all townhouses that have been converted to hotels. This is a basic hotel, the room was nicely decorated and for a triple room it was a good size. The bathroom was very nice but the luggage storage was just leaving your luggage under the stairs, not secure at all. It was ideal for what we needed which was just a place to put your head down at night! As you were walking down Sussex Gardens to your hotel it was clear that other hotels have a lot more work to them as opposed to The Royal Cambridge.

So all in all, I would return to stay in Paddington as it was a great area to get away from the busy city and I would look into staying in a different hotel on the same street as The Royal Cambridge Hotel.

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